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03 January 2011 @ 08:55 pm
Yes, Im a dork who likes to write, so sue me lol. I'm not very good when it comes to writing but I hope to be good enough to get published someday. Feel free to comment. I feel like posting this for the heck of it lol

Pulling a fresh tomato from the vine, Eli placed it in her basket before standing up. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand as she looked around the garden to admire her work. It had come in well this year and more crops meant less her family needed to spend on food. This gave her a feeling of satisfaction. Times had become increasingly hard. The country was rumored to be preparing for war and had increased taxes on its citizens. Her family could have been considered poor to begin with, so the increased taxes only made things even more difficult. If she could ease the strain, even just a little, she wanted to do just that.

            “Elizabeth, could you do me a favor and head into town for some crescents?”

 She looked to see where the voice had come from to find Eleanor standing behind her. Eleanor was a middle-aged woman with sharp cheekbones and dark brown eyes.  Her face had a strong demeanor about it but sill held a certain kindness to it. Her ash blond hair was pulled back into a tight bun and she wore a faded, blue dress.

“Ah, sure,” she replied while whipping the dirt from her hands onto her apron”

“Here, I’ll take this inside for you,” Eleanor stated as she bent down and took Eli’s basket from the ground. It was filled with a colorful assortment of vegetables. Eleanor looked at the contents and soft smile crossed her face. “It seems your garden did well this year”

“Yeah, I was surprised a bit.” Eli took her apron off and handed it to Eleanor. “Should I have Mr. Femal add it to the tab” Eli asked her inquisitively

“Yes, I’ll be in at the end of the week to pay it off as always” Eleanor confirmed.

Eli walked inside the house and traded her apron for the shawl on the coat rack. She then walked to the washroom to make sure her appearance as a least decent after working in the garden. She looked in the mirror and gave a sigh. She had managed to get a long streak of dirt on her face beginning at her emerald green eyes down to her chin. Her ash brown hair was flowing every which direction as if it had a mind of its own and laid frizzed on the shoulders of her green dress.  She looked more like an overworked house wife than a 16 year old. “Guess I should probably do something with myself before I head back into town,” she stated to herself with a slight moan.


Eli tightened her shawl, pulling it closer to her as she walked down he coble stone streets. The town was bustling –car stall owners mingling with customers, women catching up on gossip as children ran happily around them, the smell of foods drifting through the air. The town of Brimington was always lively but that was on of the things she enjoyed about it.  Looking to her left, she saw the old stone building of the bakery come into view. Walking inside, a gruff man with a small shaggy beard looked up to great her from behind he counter with his hands caked in dough.

“Hey there Eli, here for some more crescents?” he asked as he grabbed a nearby towel and attempted to clean his hands of the dough. The sticky substance seemed to resist the towel almost like glue.

Eli gave him a nod as she walked up to the counter “Yeah, Eleanor sent me to fetch some. How’s work been today Mr. Femal?”

“Ah, same as always I supposed. And call me John. I’ve known you for 8 years Eli, no need to be so formal.” he said with a laugh as he bagged up several fresh crescents “ And how about you? You seem pretty busy today. I’ve seen you pass outside the shop quite a few times already. Shouldn’t a young lady like you be courting instead of doing chores all the time” he said as he handed her the paper bag with the crescents.

She laughed a bit “Yeah, I have been busy with errands and such, but its not like I mind it. It’s the least do since Eleanor was good enough to take me in all those years ago.”

Jon smiled broadly. “Aye, Eleanor has a good heart. You were lucky she was the one who found you collapsed outside the town. So should I add this to your tab” he asked point pointing to the bag.


Eli gave him a nod as she scooped the bag into her arms “Thanks John,” she said with a grin. She then made her way outside the shop into the cold brisk air again. 



Making her way down what could be considered the town’s main street, she passed several men talking. She instantly recognized them as Adam, Calam, and Staner – three of the towns shop owners. Curiosity getting the better of her, she slowed her pace in hopes of overhearing their conversation.

Calam placed his hand on the back of his neck and sighed. “Damn Cladarians. What the hell are they thinking starting a war with us?”

“Heh, who knows? I hear that king is a real mad man though, slaughtered thousands of his own people during his seizure of the throne several years back. What was his name, Zarden or something?” Staner asked.

“I think that’s his name. All I know is this country is going to be in for a ruff time fighting those damn demons. They may look human but that’s about where their humanity stops” Adam stated in a matter-of fact way. “This place is gonna turn into hell, mark my words. We’re too close to the border for it not to.”

The words they spoke unnerved Eli somewhat. The Caldarians were a humanoid race but were known for being ‘unnatural’. They were said to have oddly colored,  cat like eyes and their abilities far surpassed that of normal humans. There had been rumors of them being able to control the very elements and cast ghastly spells but little was really known about them. Out of the 6 countries on the continent of Resemil, Caldar was the one everyone feared the most for its rumors and its secrecy. She tightened the grip on the bag in her arms while staring at the ground as she walked. To her, war was only a sign of even harder times to come for her and her family.

Eli continued to walk engrossed in her own thoughts unlit she came to stand at Eleanor’s doorstep right outside the town. She opened the door to meet the smell of freshly cooked ham and potatoes as two kids came running up to meet her. Both of them, like her, were kids Eleanor had taken in. The youngest at age 6, Arden, beamed at her with a toothy grin. “Hey, hey sissy Eli, did you get the bread?”

Eli ruffled his blond hair with her free hand as she walked past him and sat the bag down on the table. “Yes Arden, I got the bread” she stated as she turned to face him.

Isalen, the older of the two at age 10, looked at Arden with a look of annoyance as she pulled her sandy colored hair back into a ponytail. “Sop hanging all over Eli, you’re not a baby Arden. What are you going to do if you get pulled away to fight in the war huh?” she asked him tauntingly.

“Isalen, don’t say that. He’s only 6 years old so he wouldn’t be fighting in the war. Besides, you’ll scare him” Eli told her with a disapproving look.

Arden looked up at the two girls as if trying to put on a front. “I-I’m not scared to fight. But I do think the Caldarians are scary though”

Eli bent down and pulled the small boy into a hug. “Don’t worry, you’re here so you’re safe from them,” she told him reassuringly. Eli remembered hearing from Eleanor that Arden’s parents had been killed by Caldarians two years ago when Eleanor had brought him to live with them. He was found clinging to his mothers lifeless hand crying out her name. The last thing she wanted was for him to relive what must have been a nightmare.


“Of course Caldarians are scary, they’re monsters- demons after all. At least that’s what everyone says,” Isalen stated as she sat down at the kitchen table. “That’s why everyone doesn’t want to go to war with them.” 



Eli released Arden from her grip and looked at Isalen with a frown. “Now are you really going to believe what anyone says?” Even still, Eli held a fear toward the Cladarians herself. Everyone in the country of Maldaria did with many rumors about them going around. “I don’t want you believing everything you hear. However, since we are at war, If you see a Caldarian I want you to get somewhere safe as fast as you can. A war is not the time for children to try and prove rumors right or wrong.” Eli said looking at the two of them with a serious glint in her eyes.

Both Isalen and Arden gave her a quick yes as Eleanor entered the room. She looked the three of them over before giving a laugh. “Already lecturing them about what to do before the war has even begun are you Elizabeth?” Eleanor asked her playfully as she walked over to the wood stove to check on the food.

            “I’m just giving them some advice is all” Eli said a bit defensively. She didn’t really feel like she was lecturing them.

Eleanor gave the three a soft smile “The three of you may not be related by blood, but you still act like siblings all the same” she stated.

Isalen looked at Eleanor confused “What do you mean?”

“Nothing, just consider it the ramblings of a middle aged woman” she replied slightly teasingly. “Though I would like for both you and Arden to do as Elizabeth says. When the war begins, things will get quite dangerous around here. I just pray to the holy stones that it affects this town as little as possible”

“The holy stones? Aren’t those just a myth?” Isalen asked while grabbing a crescent from the bag.

Eleanor gave a small sigh “They might be, but then again, they might not. The holy stones are said to be what govern this world. It’s also been said that each county on the continent holds a specific stone. Whether they exist or not, I do not know.”

29 December 2010 @ 01:32 pm
Well, finally got Twisted Curiosity up and running it seems. We've gained a lot of staff over the past few days and we're almost ready to release chapter 8 of Monokuro Kitan XD. Just have a few more things typesetting wise to do as well as the QC.

Our other project, Rolan the Forgotten King, has me fangirling all over it. Awesome is the only word I can use to describe it. I have to say that the artwork for it is amazing and the I have to credit the manga's artist for being able to copy Jun Mochizuki's art style as well as they have.  I cant wait to begin working on this series so hopefully we manage to find a translator for it soon.

I would type more, but I'm currently on my desktop and and my hands are freezing here (Around a foot of snow here outside). Looks like its time to steal my laptop back from my sister. I had to LOL at her. She finally go a new laptop for Christmas and the screen has already quit working on it. Her and electronics just dont mix. Kinda sucks though that she is using my laptop now but oh well, as long as she doesn't destroy it or bug me, the world is good XD.
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28 December 2010 @ 09:50 am
19 years old and this is my first livejournal, kind comical, but oh well.

I created this journal to get more information regarding manga scanlations for manga such as Monokuro Kitan and Rolan the Forgotten King (Awesome manga's <3) but Ive found myself enjoying the thing XD. Its pretty good for just typing what's on your mind XD

Would type more but Ive been busying myself with the creation of my scanlation site/forum, Twisted Curiosity as well as keeping up with another scanlation site I am a staff member of, The Black Abyss