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29 December 2010 @ 01:32 pm
Ah, scanlation projects  
Well, finally got Twisted Curiosity up and running it seems. We've gained a lot of staff over the past few days and we're almost ready to release chapter 8 of Monokuro Kitan XD. Just have a few more things typesetting wise to do as well as the QC.

Our other project, Rolan the Forgotten King, has me fangirling all over it. Awesome is the only word I can use to describe it. I have to say that the artwork for it is amazing and the I have to credit the manga's artist for being able to copy Jun Mochizuki's art style as well as they have.  I cant wait to begin working on this series so hopefully we manage to find a translator for it soon.

I would type more, but I'm currently on my desktop and and my hands are freezing here (Around a foot of snow here outside). Looks like its time to steal my laptop back from my sister. I had to LOL at her. She finally go a new laptop for Christmas and the screen has already quit working on it. Her and electronics just dont mix. Kinda sucks though that she is using my laptop now but oh well, as long as she doesn't destroy it or bug me, the world is good XD.
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